When you parent a child with special needs it can often feel like you have to reinvent the wheel every day.  It is overwhelming.  We have been there too.  Windmills and Tulips will help to ease your burden by allowing you to focus on whats important…your child. We help you navigate through the many decisions that you have to make whether it be which therapy or therapist you should choose, which after school activities your child is able and willing to participate in, where you can purchase adaptive equipment for your child, or where to go to school!  Do you need a sitter, do you need camp? Your best friend and your mother will have lots of advice for you but they won’t have answers.  We do.  We meet with you and your child, listen to you , hear you and guide you.  Whether you have a baby, toddler or school age child we get you connected to the services you need to give your family the tools for success.

Who We Are

Jennifer Schultz is the mother of four young boys.  Her 9 year old has Autism.  She worked in Early Intervention at WJCS-Milestones as a service coordinator helping families get therapeutic services for their special needs children.  She is an active parent representative at her school district, helping parents through their CSE meetings.  In addition, Jen sits on the UJA-Westchester Special Needs Roundtable, works with a grant funded program for community building in the Westchester special needs community, and created and co-chairs the Jewish Community Center of Harrison’s Inclusion Committee.  She is working towards a Master’s degree in Social Work at Fordham University.  In her pre-parenthood days she worked at ABC News doing production for 20/20.  She and her husband Danny are active in Autism Speaks, raising over thirty thousand dollars for the organization.  Jennifer is an avid runner and has completed two marathons.  On the weekends you can find her at the hockey rink cheering on her boys.

Paulette Margolis is the mother of three.  Her oldest are boy and girl twins who will be 9 years old.  Her younger daughter is in kindergarten.  Rebecca, her 9 year old, suffered from a traumatic brain injury in infancy and is severely globally disabled.   She is a parent representative for her school district and focuses on helping other families with similar issues advocate for their children at CSE meetings.  Prior to the birth of her children Paulette was a successful sales executive in the fashion industry working at One Step Up for many years.   She and her husband, Larry, own a special needs pharmacy targeted to group homes, camps, schools and the like.  She is an avid reader, spinner and yogi!